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Our target: To be the most professional and efficient producer of work wear

SINCE year 2000, we focused in work wear production.   During the past 16 years,  95% of our bulk production are different kinds of work wear, for the market of Sweden, UK, Germany and USA.  16 years of focus on producing work wear made us become the one of the most professional and most efficient producers in North part of China. 
YEAR 2006, we invested our 1st work wear factory in Hebei province,  benefit from which, we realized producing in our own factory made the supply more stable and the service more comfortable,  we then invested 2nd work wear factory in same area in year 2012 and the 3rd one in year 2014.  As a positive result,  our production capacity is about 500,000 pcs of work wears annually.   
IN year 2014,  the founder of the company invested in Bangladesh a knitwear factory producing T-shirts, polo shirts and sweater shirts, this brings the client more alternatives in production and more favors of free duty of importation.  
WITH 16 years experience of order-following up and quality control,  we think low price is never ever the only factor to keep long term relation with our clients,  instead,  keeping the whole supply chain working smooth and stable is the driving force of our success.  We are, not only a garment factory, but a coordinator of the whole supplying chain-fabric dying factory, accessories factory, logistics, garment production section, shipping agents, and even we help the client marketing by initially developing new styles. 

Besides of those, we have to admit that we are low-price competitor because of two factors:  

1. Rich experience and focus bring us efficiency.
2. Low labor cost area where our factories located bring us low production cost. 
YOU are welcome to check our products classification. If it happened to suits you,  send your enquiries to us, we would be happy to serve you at any time.
YOU can also check our “facebook” pages to see what characters we have, and whom are the fellows you work with.

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