What Make Us Unique

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1. Experience:
Even after 16 years of focusing production of work wear, we still meet fresh problems that we must solve for our clients—In this garment business, rich experience is very important factor to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction.  we cannot say we are old, but we are indeed a “know-how” after 16 years of workwear production.  
2. Comments from our main client to the founder of our company:
-“He is focused, dedicated and a patient and logical problem solver but sometimes shows a bit lack of imagination and initiative.” 
-“He is good in creating warm and relaxed working conditions which makes his staff loyal and hardworking.”
-“He has a very good ability to learn and adopt himself to any environment and situation. “
-“He sometimes lacks a big of self-confidence and need to be pushed to make him realize his potential.”
-“He takes responsibility for his actions and has no problem to admit and adjust mistakes.”

3. Cost depression:
High efficiency comes from excellent management, but how about investing our factories in a low-cost countryside of China, plus good management?  We did that in year 2006, 2010 and 2012 building three workwear factories, in a salary-low area in North part of China.  

Low cost gives us more space to improve the quality of management, and service to the clients.   Claim rate came down from 2-3 cases a year in 2000 to ZERO now, our shipped goods is 100% safe and satisfactory.
4. BSCI-a matter of how serious we treat our clients:
Fortunately we happened to visit one of our European customers in an early stage, while his company was shown in a local big newspaper that his goods were produced in a Bangladesh factory, where caught a big fire and many people died, we saw clearly how our client became nervous and upset, we realized at that time that “code of conduct” is really “a matter” for all responsible clients.   We decided to make our own factory a “rest-assured” factory without any worry from our clients.  We don’t use prisoners, we don’t use child labors, we keep our salary meeting the standard, and our working time reasonable, we keep our buildings safe for workers and environment healthy to nature.  From year 2009, we put ourselves in a BSCI audit process, and during the 6 years, we were audited 3 times and got “pass” each time.

5. Bangladesh production: 
We invested also in Bangladesh for a knit wear factory, producing T-shirts, polo shirts, sweater shirts.  And in future, expanded to woven items.  This makes the prices more attractive to our customers and despite production there sometimes has more problem than in China, yet we are moving to the right direction.   We try to find a solution of balance between “low cost” and “safe” for our clients. 

6. Focus: 
We admit we cannot to any garments, but we are good at making workwear. That’s enough.   Workwear is what we have done in the past 16 years, and it will be, in future, the only product range we are focusing on.  “Engaging one thing” created a happy environment in our company and we all enjoy working in this environment.

7. Our clients not only place orders to us, but also build up “warm” relations with local villagers.   Local workers enjoy working in our factory, which made us stable in production and harmony with society.