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Production capacity only means “something” if it can be used for new clients. 
If the capacity were already 100% given to old clients, it means nothing actually for new developing clients, no matter how big capacity the factory has.  So the thing becomes: how much and how flexible we can split our capacity to new customers.   Our solution is:  we don’t expand too quickly, because we deeply know that the capacity cannot be built in a day.   We develop capacity according to how many new clients we approaching each year, and we keep our capacity updated 
At the moment, we have 8 production lines in China and 5 in Bangladesh.  Here is the capacity at the moment 
(updated 2016-9-10):
Capacity/country China own factories China subcontractors Bangladesh for knits
Full capacity 30,000pcs / month 30,000 pcs/month 50,000pcs/month
Share to new clients 25%=7500pcs/month 25%=7500pcs/month 10%=5000pcs/month
About 20000pcs/month in total