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Two simple rules to our QC team:
1. QC works independently.  No one has the right to affect QC’s mind by saying: “Oh, if we cannot guarantee shipment dates, our company will bare big airfreight and “maybe” you can make a kind of “balance” between on-time shipment and quality. 
In QC’s mind, there is no room for shipment date thinking, the only thing they consider is “quality”. Even the boss of the company has no such a right to affect or give hints to our QC.  
2. Both QCs and the boss of the company agreed that “QC can only make a “good” thing “better”, but cannot make a “bad” thing “good”.  When recruiting our QC staffs, the min. standards are that they must come from garment factories in 1990s because we need their rich experience, and at the same time, she or he must have working experience of all operation sites including cutting, sewing, trimming, packing, and storage, so that we are sure that they can manage to solve any problems happening in different area, as long as problems belong to production, they know how to solve them.
Our QCs work like this: 
They stayed in the factory wherever the production is there.  From the bulk fabric and accessories arriving the factory, they start to check quality, when bulk cutting is started, they check patterns and record fabric consumption; when sewing is started, they move with the cutting pcs through the whole production line until 1st pc of garment finished and they check the 1st bulk production sample;  During sewing, they solve problems with workers concerning technical problems, remind workers to pay attention to key procedures, and when bulk products flow to trimming and packing department, they check the final production and write inspection reports, no matter if the client need or not. They are those whom we rely on, and they are those who give last word of “pass or not pass”.    
We deeply know, a long-term-relation business does not allow that we quit or escape from the future problems after goods arrive our clients.  We are not stupid and we indeed understand how costly it will be to solve problems at our customers’ side than in the working side here, despite sometimes the absolute value of expenditure here really cost much. 
But on top of that, we think selecting right factory who will produce the orders is much more important than to put all efforts to solve problems after it occurs by selecting wrong factory.   First step is wrong, everything will be wrong.  QC team can only make a “good” thing “better”, but cannot make a “bad” thing “good”.  That is our general view about quality. So we are very cautious at the first stage when selecting subcontractors.