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With JULA AB-16 years of mutual trust and development

A company’s gene really comes from the founder’s character.  From the very beginning, we deeply understand that only long-term relation will make both our customers and we gain.  To achieve this target, we chose “focus” on both “clients” and “products”.    In year 2000, we started with our main client-JULA AB in Sweden, and start to make “workwear garments”.   From that year, we keep this strategy for 16 years without change.  
In the long period of marathon, we build factories one by one, expanded our capacity year by year.  on the other side, our client opened new shops one by one and year by year, we keep our capacity always big enough matching the development of our client.     
Strong developing company always get more spotlights from the society, since 2009, we initially started our Code of Conduct process-BSCI audit, and we keep updating ourselves in year 2013, and 2015, always keep our workwear garment factory up to BSCI standard.  All these measures help our client standing in a better position in the market, and at the same time, our factory attracts new customers due to our BSCI updating. 
16 years of making workwear garments for one customer, we can only say it is the mutual trust make things go further.  This made us more believe in that only long-term relation can make our career and life wonderful and fruitful. 
-no doubt, no worry, no trouble.  Placing orders always means sell them on time, receiving orders always means safe production and payment. That’s what we are doing.