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A friendship of a “selfie-stick”

Triple Crown is one of our newly developing customer of work wear.  When I visited Brian the 2nd time, I learned a new word “selfie-stick”.  Before knowing this English word, I saw people using this stick in the streets, happy enough to satisfy themselves by laughing and smiling in front of their “machine”.  Then a thought always comes to my mind: “how stupid they are!”.   Isn’t it strange to smile to a screen instead of smile to a real people?    But my client said to me: “I had ever exactly the same thoughts as you, but you shall not only know how to produce workwear garments, this is funny and let’s try it!” It is really a strange feeling, even while we are trying, I started to like it.  After we tried several photos, I totally changed my mind and I decide to buy one without hesitation.  It is really with lots of fun.   I know that I am, as a Chinese garment factory manager, in the past, too serious in the work and didn’t try to look for and find the beauty of life, this make me being felt a little bit “boring”, but this selfie-stick reminded me that I should remember those wonderful moments and enjoy the new private and business relations with my customers, career life occupied most of our life time, the contact with clients every day is even more than the contacts with our best friends and even family members like parents, this is no reason that I shall not treasure.